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Sunday, November 21, 2010

4 dislike LOL~!

semua tau kan apa maksud LOL tu???
It's Laugh out Loud~!

saya xsuka bila saya wat lawak, orang just type "LOL"~!

terus xlawak langsung lawak tersebut....

oiii... mana ketawa??? huhu... xbest ar camtuuuuuu~~

apa la salah buang masa sikit type

susah ka haa???
xpun la...

sangat menjengkelkan~~~~~~~~!!!



Friday, November 19, 2010

15 make TAKOYAKI by your own! たこ焼きの作り方

this video will show you HOW TO MAKE A TAKOYAKI...

it taste HEAVEN u know!! hehehe
try it...
i beat u will like it! trust me!

*the words try it doesn't mean u have to make it by your own yaarr.. buy it at any TAKOYAKI stool... it only cost RM3 (at sabah) for 3 pieces...*

domo arigato for watching this video.. :)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

2 ramadhan bakal berakhir, syawal menjelma tiba~

aisemen~ hahaha...
title tu bah.. :D

emmm... Xtau la knpa ramadhan tahun ni macam kejap jak rasa....
huhuhu... will miss Ramadhan so much after this...

bukan xbest syawal, but raya pertama, kedua, ketiga, keempat or maybe raya kelima ja la terasa raya tu...
but puasa, sebulan... paling best dekat-dekat habis tu... memang syok abizzzzz....

emmmm apa boleh buat... da memang peredaran masa begitu...
terima ja la k uFaa.... :)

ok2... Touching2 tu letak tepi dulu k...

i wanna tell u something.. not a secret la... mana boleh mngumpat time puasa...

Lagu raya yang paling best la (bagi aku)

Lagu ni...


lagu ni gak...


banyak lagi lagu lain yang best...

suasana hari raya

bila raya menjelma

dendang perantau...

macam2 lagi la...
lagi2 bila dengar time puasa...
memang x sabar kan beraya???


ok u guys....
i wanna design some picture (maybe) for hari raya ni...
tunggu~~ :D


Thursday, July 29, 2010

1 Biodata pelakon Freshie's High School... :))

Not my biodata, but the Freshie's  High School Biodata

Name: Arthit Tangsawadrat
Nickname: Ryu
Birthdate: 15 October 1978
Height: 172cm
Weight: 56kg
Education: Rangsit University
Favourite Colour: Black

Name: Lakkana Huangmaneerungroj
Nickname: Aon
Birthday: 21 March 1983
Race: Thai
Nationality: Thai

 Name: Panrawat Kittikorncharoen
Nickname: Big
Birthday: 2 December 1982
Education: Bangkok Thailand
Favourite Sport: Soccer
Height: 178cm
Weight: 61kg

*he's good looking isn't it??? But he already died in 2007... So sad.... :(( 

Name: Worawech Danuwong
Nickname: Dan
Birthday: 16 May 1984
Education: Rungsit University
Favourite Sport: Soccer
Height: 176cm
Weight: 60kg

 Name: Nathalie Davis
Birthdate: 6 August 1987
Height: 158cm
Weight: 42kg
Favourite Colour: White & Blue
Favourite Sports: Ping-Pong & Horse-Riding
Hobby: Singing


16 Wai Rai High School...Freshie's High School

Wai Rai High School

Wai Rai High School is a cool, kinda sad, hilarious and comedy kind of drama which is suitable for everyone. Its a popular drama in Thailand which caught the hearts of its fans from Thailand and Malaysia. Its a drama which should not be miss (by me obviously). You should watch every episodes and you will never find it boring. This drama consist of popular actor & actress from Thailand such as Ryu Arthit, Aon Lukkana & Nathalie Davis.

This drama take place in high school where a group of students always pranks their teacher and their class is well known as the worst class.The leader of the group is Aon who is a brave girl,one day a new student join their class Ryu who is always moody,alone and most of all hates the group of prankster.
Aon and her classmates are so hard to handle until one day a new teacher is hire and sign to the class, Miss Yanee, is a tough,good,nice and enjoyable teacher. She taught the class until all her students success in high school. And at the same time Ryu and Aon who always fight everytime they meet started to get closer and became good friends and causes others to be jealous.

Freshie's High School

Freshie's High School is a continue drama from its previous drama Wai Rai High School. In this new series is about the Wai Rai Gang (Ryu,Aon,Nathalie,Bow & Ong) in university and facing new challenges on their way such as teachers, seniors,friendships,loyalty and love. In this continue drama,the Wai Rai Gang has new member that is Jay,Big & Dan. But the group isn't stable, Big has a major crash on Aon but Aon and Ryu kind of like each other but neither one of them show and tell about their feelings, Jay likes Dan but Dan likes Nathalie but Nathalie has a crash on the university basketball coach and at the same time the coach has a crash on this teacher and Ong likes Nathalie and the Wai Rai Gang drama club's teacher has a crash on the same teacher that the coach is crashing on.

First I think this new series will be very complicated, but i'm wrong coz in this new series there more laughter, more crazy ideas and more hilarious (hahaha!!). But it also has lots of sadness because of the triangle loves and the most sad of all Ryu is suffering from a diseases which damage his heart and everyday his getting weaker and weaker but he didnt tell any of his friends about his problem. After Ryu died, Big promise that he want to take a good care of Aon and THE END....

Miss this drama so much!!!


Originally created by CIK WANGI